Friday 22 February 2008

Farewell to the Nerdery

This will be my last 'Nerdery' post as I won't have time tomorrow. I'm off to a birthday party for a 1 yr-old and a 3 yr-old. Joy to the world.

Okay, this is a corner of my little nerdery. The box files contain manuscripts for some of my novels and the A4 (fullscap) notebook on the top of them is for a very bad, never completed early attempt at a screenplay titled 'A vampire is stalking me' - good grief... The top tray contains notes & the uncompleted manuscript of my NaNo attempt 'Fractured Wings', plus other assorted nonsense.

Okay, here we have a printer - wow, amazing - seriously, is that it? Ooh, and a picture of Spike (James Marsters) from Buffy - now that is nerdy. And look, the Winchester brothers of a few days ago without a flash obscuring their loveliness.

My noticeboard - YAY!!! Okay, first off I so need a new noticeboard and new pictures. As I said the other day I often use pictures cut from magazines to inspire characters. To the right we have 2 black and white pictures of the Gregory sisters from 'Last Seen Drowning' which is set in the grand old Gregory Hotel. The other pictures are for 'The Maiden Phoenix' (currently in redraft - it's so long...) and its unfinished sequel 'Dead Girl Rising'.

We also have two MacDonalds dudes - came free with 'Happy Meals', a little angel saved from a Christmas card and an alien I got for entering a short screenplay competition run by the Sci-Fi Channel a few years back.

We say goodbye, with a view from the doorway. I told you the place was small. On parting you gain an added extra of my recycle bin which somehow made it into the photo... And some very disorganised shelves.

Thanks to TKT for thinking up Nerdery Week - been fun checking them all out.


Danette Haworth said...

I like the orange guy hanging from a tack.

Anonymous said...

! Your nerdery is awesome! And pictures of Spike are so nerdy they are hot, in my humble opinion. :)

Cate Gardner said...

Danette - me too...

Courtney - loving your love of the Marsters...

Thanks for visiting.

God said...

Seriously! You've got a swell nerdery. Stand proud!!!

Thanks for being such a good sport about this. I know you had hesitations.

Nerds of the world...UNITE!

Unhinged said...

Pffft! No wonder you thought my desk looked so cozy. You're a almost a candidate for the TLC show Clean Sweep --

I can say this because my clothing closet is a mess. People would cringe in horrah if they saw it, and my mom would be appalled.

And hey, I also pour over magazines looking for my characters, their homes, their enemies. It's fun.

Cate Gardner said...

TKT - cheers for running Nerdery Week, it's been fun.

Hey Unhinged, it's not that bad!!! LOL! And ashamed to say, this is how it looked after I'd removed some of the crap.

Rich said...

You have a space! Mine has been stolen by my unborn child, now that is cheeky!

Anyway, I have a shed, but its full of old toys at the mo...

Rich (aka Rocket from the Dock)

Cate Gardner said...

Hi Rich

Your old toys rock.