Sunday 9 December 2007

Demon Technology

The entrants for the Flash Fiction Carnival III are now posted at Virginia Lee's blog. It's all fun and a good way to get some feedback on your work.

And, the big oh-my-god I-can't-get-the-disks-to-work debacle is over. My brother, the IT expert, fixed the problem yesterday. He popped the CDs into the disk drawer, clicked on the icon ie The Midnight Motel etc, and up sprang all the work I had saved on my old computer. WTF!!!

I tried that, I swear, and more... Tried everything possible,and somethings not,and could I get the disks to work... A big, no, no, NO!!! I think technology hates me. Earlier in the year we bought a new fridge-freezer because the old one had broken down... Err, no it hadn't. The light in the old fridge had blown and taken the fuse out with it, which we only discovered after we had bought a new fridge, positioned it in a different part of the kitchen, then tried to plug the microwave in, followed by screams of the evil microwave is broken and then it clicked, that good old light bulb went off above my head and I headed into the cloakroom where I found the fuse box had popped out for that socket. OH MY GOODNESS!

I'm still doing some re-editing of my books - hence the word meters not being upped to full, but, with the exception of The Maiden Phoenix which I never got around to transferring to CD, the little meters should fill up pretty quickly.

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