Saturday 10 November 2007

Broken Wings

Both my computer and I are in a temperamental mood. Fractured Wings is not going good, sure the word count is high and way above where I need to be for NaNo month but most of it is not salvagable and the remaining 28,000 plus words are looking bleaker. I really need to go back to the start and go in a different direction, which you cannot do in NaNo month as it's all about the word count.

I've found I am not about the word count, I'm about the quality (ahem!).

I've learned from the first ten days that I can churn out the words if need be, but I have also learned that I'm not happy churning out dross (in my humble opinion). It came to a decision - do I continue on and put my lovely NaNoWriMo winning whatever it is you get to stick on your blog thingy on my blog page or do I admit defeat, not waste the next twenty days and instead get down to some revising? And so Fractured Wings is being placed in a 'to do' tray and I've settled into revising The Maiden Phoenix which was written about five years ago and needs a dust off before I start sending it out... Yes, you have been warned the first of my intended zombie trilogy will be visiting agents sometime early 2008.

All is not lost with Fractured Wings, parts of it will fit very well in the third book in the above trilogy (including the title as the proposed book was previously untitled), but it will all be written on a different computer to the one I'm working on today. It's dying. Sob! Took me thirty minutes yesterday from switching on to being able to type a single word in WORD.

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Wendy Withers said...

Here's the trick to NaNoWriMo you just mentioned: It's all about the word count. Why not start over and just tack the rewrite onto what you've already written? That's what I usually do.

I'm so behind on NaNo, it's sad. But, I like the way my story's going, so I'm not too worried about it.