Monday 8 October 2007

This post is Certificate 18!!!!

I'm fuming, fuming, fuming... Spitting feathers... Punching the wall... WTF!!!

You may guess from the above that I have a few anger issues, and I suggest if you work for a bank that you click away now.

My 'Personal Banker' (feel free to replace the B with a different letter) has just phoned for the third time in a month to try and get me to go into the local branch. You see my loan is nearly finished - by nearly I mean I only have two more payments and then I'm done, fingers crossed and all that - and the PB is afraid one of his cash machines is going to dry up. Now as we all know, if he gets me to sign up for another 'oh I so need it not' loan he gets a nice little bonus in his already hefty paycheck.

Now before anyone says he's only doing his job - persuading people into debt - bear in mind he phoned me again (third time people and he's already been told 'not interested), and then had the audacity to laugh at me because, to quote 'don't I want him to save me money'. How in this world or any other is my taking out further debt going to save me anything!!!

Laughing at customers as if they're idiots, that has to be in a book marked 'How to lose friends and alienate people.'

Okay rant over, you can relax now.

The Poisoned Apple is going at a snail's pace in comparison to The Evil Emporium, but I am pleased with what I have so far written so that's something I guess. And the arrival of Larry Bones has added an injection of much needed humour.

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Dawn said...

People who "sell debt." It's ridiculous and sadly, a sign of the times.

If I were you, I'd pay off the loan, and then pull all my money out of that bank if I have an account there. Make it clear to a manager exactly why you're doing it, too.

You don't need to be harassed or laughed at because you are saying no to debt. Be proud of yourself for it!

Madeleine said...

I would change banks over something like that. Wow. I've never had that problem with a banker.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks for your replies guys - he made me so mad I blogged about it to get all my anger out :) Felt much better after my rant.