Thursday 19 July 2007

A Confident Smile Conceals a Trembling Hand.

The Midnight Motel Synopsis is finished - finalised, ready to go, perfect (ahem!), and the synopsis for Breaking Cassandra should be finished tomorrow. Ten days of hell and frustration and a tissue load of tears. I've printed out eleven sets each of sample chapters for both novels and will start sending out query letters, chapters and the dreaded synopsis next week.

As you can guess this second I am excited, confident, and very, very scared. It is so easy to hide behind the, 'I've written eight novels but only sent them out a couple of times over the past x amount of years' (I've never attempted a full on assault and every previous synopsis stunk - see there I am, making excuses). But how to justify, and console myself when the rejections start seeping through. I think I'll reschedule my nervous breakdown from next June (when I hit the hideous 40) to mid August.

With an army of butterflies in my stomach and a jittery smile, I'll leave this here and hope to return with huge GRIN.

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