Saturday 7 July 2007

Low Funk

And so life trundles on in the same old fashion - another rejection today, this one for my novel BREAKING CASSANDRA - which means I am in a really low funk today. A zillion things to do and not a thought able to stay in my head longer than five minutes.

Have posted a copy of my synopsis on the brilliant writers dock website, where I hope to get suggestions on where I'm going wrong. Only one reply so far - that the synopsis is too bleak, which isn't cool as I'm sure the novel is far bleaker.


Anonymous said...

A most enjoyable blog you have. And I congratulate you on making your "Deathwatch Maiden" available for free download by readers--I look forward to reading it.

Cate Gardner said...

Andy, thank you so much for your comments - my first ever. I hope you enjoy reading the Deathwatch Maiden and I look forward to checking out your site.